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Neopharma Inc.

Located in New Jersey, USA, Neopharma Inc.is a 100 % subsidiary of Neopharma LLC and was established in 2017 with the aim of building a strong franchise of specialty products and provide therapy options in the chronic care segment. Neopharma Inc. shall also be engaged in potential manufacturing and CMO partnerships in US and LATAM markets.

Neopharma Japan

alt textAnticipating the need for new molecules and novel therapy areas, Neopharma Japan was established in October 2016, as a subsidiary of Neopharma to enable development, manufacturing and marketing of 5 – ALA based products.

Neopharma Japan’s facilities include a manufacturing facility, NeoALA Japan, in Fukuroi. Acquired from CosmoALA Japan, in 2016, NeoALA Japan focuses on R&D and manufacturing of 5 – ALA based products.

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Omnicare Drugs India Private Ltd.

alt textEstablished in 2017, Omnicare Drugs India Private Limited, is a 100 % subsidiary of Neopharma LLC based in Hyderabad specializing in high value API’s and intermediates. Consists of three manufacturing facilities specializing in API and finished dosage forms.

Omnicare’s facilities currently include manufacturing facilities for finished formulations and specialized API manufacturing facilities in Vizag and Hyderabad.

Neofarma UK

Established in 2017, Neofarma UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neopharma. The company is engaged in commercialization of Neopharma products in UK and other EU countries.

Neopharma Russia

Established in 2016. Regional office based in Moscow. Responsible for product registration, marketing and CMO activities in Russia and CIS markets

Neopharma Brazil

alt textEstablished in 2017, to manufacture and market range of high quality pharmaceuticals in LATAM markets. The subsidiary includes a manufacturing facility in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

Joint Ventures

Neo - Aska

alt textIn early 2018, Neopharma and ASKA Pharmaceuticals, Japan entered into a joint venture to build a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility worth USD 53 million (INR 350 cr.) to be operated by Neopharma subsidiary Omnicare Drugs India in Visakhapatnam. The joint venture aims to manufacture drugs for chronic therapies in cardiovascular diseases, the central nervous system and diabetes, along with other products from key therapeutic classes targeting Japan and the world market .

SBI Neopharma

alt text Incorporated in 2016, It is a joint venture between SBI Pharmaceuticals Japan, part of the SBI Group, Tokyo based financial services company and Abu Dhabi based Neopharma LLC. SBI Neopharma FZ – LLC is a research and marketing based pharmaceutical company based in Dubai focused on research, production and global sales for medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and health foods utilizing 5-ALA (5-aminolevulinic acid).


alt textTherapiva Private Limited is a joint venture between Omnicare Drugs India Private Limited (100% subsidiary of BR Shetty-owned Neopharma LLC) and Laxai Life Sciences Private Ltd. Therapiva is an emerging generics pharmaceutical company backed by a strong and innovative R&D facility and a world-class API manufacturing facility. It has a robust product portfolio spread across various therapeutic areas, capable of handling new, complex, and hazardous reactions. For more details, visit us at http://therapiva.net/


alt textEstablished in 2008, Neobiocon FZ LLC is a 50 - 50 joint venture between Neopharma and Biocon to manufacture and market biopharmaceuticals and in – license products.

Nexgen Pharma

alt textIn 2012, as a part of its portfolio expansion, Neopharma entered into a manufacturing and marketing joint venture with Hetero Drugs.

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