Welcome to Neopharma

Welcome to Neopharma!

We are Abu Dhabi’s premier pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

Robust Start…Rapid Strides
Started in 2003, the first manufacturing facilities of Neopharma were planned on an investment outlay of US$25 million. Spread over an area of 100,000m2, the plant encompasses two independent production blocks – one dedicated for the manufacture of general products and the other, an exclusive centre for manufacturing betalactam products. In addition to the above, the plant has an exclusive area for the formulations Research and Development block. Neopharma lays strong emphasis on research towards development of processes and products that are patent non-infringing – a route that can propel the company towards attaining leading position in the Middle East Region. Neopharma has a vibrant R & D centre that collaborates to both in-house and collaborative manufacturer’s needs. This is housed along with the Quality control testing labs, Quality Assurance, Regulatory and Administration departments.

Unlike many pharmaceutical plants that were set up earlier, the Neopharma facility is built on the concept of modular manufacturing. This specialised unidirectional flow of work process ensures that there is no risk of cross contamination and the final product meets the highest quality standards. Besides the factory follows global benchmarks in manufacturing technology and efficient control methods that ensure the end products meet the final specifications.

The internal layout of the plant is designed to independently manufacture and pack a variety of pharmaceutical dosage forms including tablets, capsules, and dry powder for reconstitution, syrups, suspensions, solutions and sachets. Neopharma employs the latest automated PLC controlled machines for the entire manufacturing process.

The equipment is procured from the world’s best manufacturers such as granulators from M/s Diosna, Germany, Tablet presses and auto-coaters from M/s Manesty – UK, and Liquid manufacturing plant form M/s Diessel, Germany to name a few.

Installed Annual Capacity (in unit dosage forms)

Dosage form

General Products Plant

Betalactam Plant



118.0 million

24.0 million

142 million


64.0 million

46.0 million

110 million


4.6 million

5.5 million

10.1 million


7.5 million

7.5 million

Grand Total

194.1 million

75.5 million

269.6 million

As a branded generics manufacturer, Neopharma’s competitive advantage stems form the company’s ability to introduce new products in quick succession.

Robust product development, hi-tech manufacturing process, quality embedded operations and skilled regulatory support go hand-in-hand to develop, produce and market world class pharmaceuticals.

Neopharma’s product selection and promotion stems out from carefully drawn strategies comprising medico-marketing principles. This is steered by the market research team which identifies key products through extensive market research.

Neopharma product mix consists of key, distinct segments:

  1. Anti-infectives

  2. NSAIDs

  3. Respiratory Medicine

  4. Cardiovascular diabetology

  5. Nutritional supplements

At the core of product mix are the antibiotics. Surrounding this core is a set of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and respiratory medicine. The company is also undertaking parallel move into chronic therapy segments such as medicines for diabetes treatment and cardiovascular drugs. Important nutritional supplements make up the rest of the product portfolio.

Prescription generation and customer retention are the critical success factors for successful marketing of branded generics and Neopharma approaches sales on the same direction. Thus, in the intensely competitive generics segment, Neopharma has started making a mark with powerful brands in key therapy areas.

Neopharma is today ranked amongst leading companies the country, a significant achievement for a company with just a few years of market presence.

Quality First
As an organisation committed to healthcare, Neopharma ensures that the products made in the facility are manufactured in environment-friendly conditions.
To begin with Neopharma is the only pharmaceutical company in the region to be certified with the following:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001

This integrated management system is a hallmark of not only good quality and safe working standards but is also a reflection of the environmental friendly approach of the company. For example, the Neopharma effluent treatment plant engages an EFLO constant transfer process that is designed to accept inflow at unlimited rates taking into account the average daily load. After passing through a series of treatments and filtration, the final treated water obtained is pumped for landscaping, this conserving water sources.

Neopharma is committed to continuously delight the customer by providing safe, efficacious and cost effective healthcare products of consistent quality conforming to international standards and best practices. Neopharma endeavours to provide a safe and healthy working environment in our premises for our employees, our customers, our sub contractors and other stake holders.

The company has been awarded the prestigious Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award in the manufacturing category and is the recipient of Current European Union Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate from Belgium. These accolades reflect Neopharma’s penchant for quality – a key driver for generic pharmaceutical business.

Neopharma Abu Dhabi’s premium pharmaceutical manufacturing facility envisions positioning itself as a ‘biopharmaceutical hub’ bringing together the best of both pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Moving in this direction, Neopharma has signed a joint venture with the leading biotech company Biocon to form Neobiocon. The first product for the management of breast cancer has already been introduced in the market.

Aspiring to be a leading generic player Neopharma has chalked out a large scale expansion programme that will form an integral part of the company’s horizontal integration process to produce additional pharmaceutical dosage forms and mark its foray into high technology based research and development. With an investment outlay of AED 250 million, the new facilities will be designed on the guidelines recommended by US FDA.

Steered under the visionary leadership of Dr. B R Shetty, MD & CEO, Neopharma is all set to make foray into the healthcare of the future – Biotechnology and nanotechnology based products.