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Dr. B.R. Shetty 

Executive Vice Chairman & Managing Director

The ‘NMC success story’ has been a memorable one for those who were an integral part of this journey. Sparked by a vision and driven by determination and commitment, this group has transformed from a humble one-room clinic in 1975 to one of the biggest healthcare conglomerates in the region. The company is now also listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing space was a vacant space couple of decades ago and Dr. Shetty wanted to complete the whole circle by entering into this space. With an aspiration to backward integrate this healthcare chain, he made a planned foray into pharmaceutical manufacturing and this gave birth to a futuristic idea called Neopharma in 2003, Abu Dhabi’s first state-of-the-art pharmaceutical plant.

leading pharmaceutical company

Today, Neopharma has emerged as a leading pharmaceutical company recognized for world class manufacturing facilities and a comprehensive product mix.

 A global company now, Neopharma, is rapidly expanding to other parts of the globe. Currently Neopharma, Caters to over 40 countries across Middle East, Africa, CIS, Far East and South East Asia.

Staying Focused

Integrated Approach

He envisages Neopharma as an integrated pharmaceutical company, engaged in the manufacturing of diverse pharmaceutical products where sustainable competitive advantage can be created.

Entrepreneurial Career

Dr. B.R. Shetty is the Executive Vice-Chairman and CEO of NMC Group and Neopharma. Dr. Shetty heads the entire group and commenced his entrepreneurial career in the UAE at a time when the nation was in its formative years.

Spreading Success

With his commitment, hard work, vigour and dynamic personality, he was able to start, build and succeed at multiple businesses over the years and today, his business empire is spread across the globe.


Dr. Shetty has now embarked on the path of innovation in the fields of Bio-Technology and Cell Therapy, Tissue Culture and Nanotechnology.