Research and Development-old

Any great discovery is backed by a thorough phase of research

which are designed to identify an investigational drug and perform initial tests in the lab. The World Health Organization states that pharmaceuticals industry represented a US$300 billion-a-year market globally as of 2015. The global pharmaceutical market is expected to surpass US$400 billion by 2018.

Along with quality and innovation, R&D forms the core in the overall strategy for global success. Neopharma has a vibrant and state-of-the-art R&D centre that caters to both in-house and collaborative manufacturer’s needs. This is housed along with the quality control testing labs, quality assurance, regulatory and administration departments. The company aims to make significant contribution globally through its high end R&D centre. Neopharma lays strong emphasis on research towards development of processes and products that are patent non-infringing. This approach is set to propel the company towards attaining a formidable position in the global markets.

Neopharma has a vibrant product development centre that caters to both in-house and collaborative manufacturers’ needs.

The R&D block houses the latest hi-tech equipment of reputed European and American brands in the industry.
The R&D division’s core area of focus is on generic drugs formulations and new drug delivery systems. The key objectives include faster go-to market strategy for new products in addition to process development and technology transfer that is simple robust and consistent.

Product development activity includes novel formulations such as mouth dissolving tablets

Controlled release tablets, effervescent tablets, bi-layered tablets, enteric coated pellets, dry syrups, suspension and special capsule formulations such as pellet and powder in capsule and tablet and pellet in capsule.
On the other end of the spectrum is packaging development that ensures the packaging is aesthetically appealing, user friendly and at the same time product stability is maintained throughout the shelf life.