Neopharma possesses state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities all over the world, in countries including the United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, Brazil and Canada.


  • Total area of 51,000 sq. meters
  • Two independent production blocks
  • Dedicated general product manufacturing
  • Exclusive block for Beta – Lactam manufaturing
  • Modular Manufacturing
  • Unidirectional flow of work process
  • cGMP certified facility
Dosage FormCapacity
Capsules450 million per year
Tablets2.6 billion per year
Powder of oral suspensions10.8 million per year
Oral syrups and suspensions7.5 million per year
Sachets27 million per year


  • Facility established by Nippon Roche Co.
  • Total area of 118,000 sq, meters.
  • Development and manufacturing of finished products, API and intermediates containing 5 – ALA
  • Manufacturing using patented fermentation technology
  • Large scale equipment for mass manufactuing of 5 – ALA products using fermentation technology.
  • cGMP certified facility