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The Abu Dhabi based pharmaceutical manufacturer, Neopharma has expanded its product range to include 5 new brands.

Dr. B R Shetty, Managing Director and CEO said that for Neopharma, a company operating in the branded generics segment, the ability to introduce new products in quick succession serves as an important competitive advantage.

Significant among the new products to be introduced include Neoclav, a combination of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. This combination therapy, used for the treatment of resistant infections, will lend significantly to Neopharma’s antibiotic mix.

Another key product introduced is Neosorbide that contains Isosorbide mononitrate, used for the management of angina. The drug comes in four different variations and includes the technology aided Sustained Release formulations. The introduction of this drug is a part of the company’s planned foray in cardiology. This assumes importance as chronic disorders are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality with cardiovascular disorders accounting to almost 24% of all deaths in UAE.

Enriching the product mix are the antacid range Neogastro & Neogastro Plus and a mucolytic Neosolvon used for certain respiratory disorders.

For Neopharma, 2006 will emerge as yet another crucial year as the company is gearing to introduce more new products, thanks to a robust R & D pipeline. The year will also witness the company spreading its wings across more overseas markets, a significant move towards globalisation.

NMC Group and Neopharma rush aid to quake victims.

Neopharma, the Abu Dhabi based pharmaceutical company and NMC Group, with strategic interests in diverse fields ranging from healthcare and trading, to financial and business services, have together come forward with a comprehensive medical aid for the quake hit areas of Pakistan.

On October 18th, three truckloads full of medicines and medical equipment were handed over to the Pakistan embassy at Abu Dhabi.

Dr. B R Shetty, Managing Director & CEO, handed over the relief package to Mr. Akthar Sulehri, the Pakistan Deputy Ambassador to UAE. Expressing profound grief on the recent devastating event, Dr. B R Shetty announced full fledged support measures to the victims. Even though there are adequate medical professionals in Pakistan, Dr. B R Shetty has extended medical professional support from the NMC hospitals to be deputed in Pakistan as and when required.

Valued at AED 1.1 million, the consignment includes crucial items such as pharmaceuticals, bandages, orthopaedic equipment and wheel chairs.

The medical consignment includes drugs that would be urgently required such as antibiotics, fever and pain relief medicines. This donation acquires further significance as the consignment contains more than 12,000 bottles of Neopharma’s paracetamol suspension for the exclusive use in children.

Neopharma starts exports to Yemen

Abu Dhabi’s premier pharmaceutical company Neopharma has expanded its sales operations by exporting to Yemen.

The export of the first consignment to Yemen reflects the company’s planned thrust on establishing newer territories. Neopharma’s foray into Yemen will witness the implementation of marketing activities aimed at generating prescription business for its branded generics.

The first set of products to leave for Yemen include two of its popular brands – Neoday, a brand of antiallergic drug and Neomol, a brand of paracetamol. Besides, the company will also be introducing Neopril that is used for reducing elevated blood pressure and Neoxicam, a drug for the management of arthritis.

In a fiercely competitive pharmaceutical market such as Yemen, the company is planning a dual strategy of registering products in quick succession, which it considers as a competitive advantage and follow through with step-by-step brand building exercises.

On the domestic front, the company has had a solid start with many of its brands featuring in the top selling new products introduced in UAE market.

Neopharma receives European GMP certificate

Following closely on the GCC company registration certificate, Neopharma has crossed another important milestone towards its vision to be a global pharmaceutical player.

The Neopharma manufacturing facility based at Abu Dhabi has received the Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate from the Belgium Directorate General for Medicinal Products.

Accordingly, the company now complies with current European Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. This lends tremendous significance to Neopharma’s planned global foray. To begin with, the opportunity now opens for manufacturing products for the Belgium market and later on to the other European countries as well.

For Neopharma, what began as a local inspiration, has translated in a short span of time into a global aspiration. This global venture comes at the right time when the company is firming up market shares in the local market and getting set to launch blockbuster generic molecules.

This month, the company is all set to widen its portfolio with the introduction of three more products. Strengthening the cardiovascular therapy will be the launch of Neosorbide, which contains Isosorbide 5-mononitrate, a drug used for angina. Neopharma is also making a foray in the Oral Rehydration Salts market with the introduction of Neolyte.

Neopharma facility obtains GCC company registration certificate

Neopharma, Abu Dhabi’s premier pharmaceutical company has obtained the GCC company registration certificate for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, marking the company’s first steps towards its globalisation programme.

The clearance for the facility now enables Neopharma to register its products across all the GCC countries thus paving the way for the company to compete in a larger and fast growing gulf pharmaceutical market.

The GCC company registration comes at just the right time for the company to expand its business horizons beyond the UAE and position itself as an innovative global pharma company that delivers quality and efficacy through a vibrant product mix.