UAE-based pharma invests Dhs880 million

UAE-based pharma invests Dhs880 million

DUBAI: Neopharma, one of UAE’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company has invested a total of Dhs100 million in a state-of-the-art Japanese factory, Dhs265 million in the acquisition of patents and licences and an additional investment in clinical studies amounting to Dhs515 million. The factory in Japan will manufacture supplements for patients in the pre-diabetic stage and also Type II diabetic patients.

Neopharma Japan has acquired a 65 per cent stake in the Japanese pharmaceutical company, Cosmo ALA (now known as Neo ALA), to manufacture this dietary supplement. The product NatuALA is a breakthrough in the management of Type 2 diabetes. As per reports, approximately over one million people in the UAE have diabetes and nearly 450,000 are estimated to be undiagnosed cases.

Neopharma announced its plans in the presence of Assistant Undersecretary of Public Health Policy and Licensing – Dr. Amin Al Amiri, Japanese Ambassador to the UAE, Kanji Fujiki, Prof. Tohru Tanaka, Prof. Naohide Yamashita among other senior officials. The launch event focused on the history and development of 5-ALA and its application in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

“Obesity is a growing concern in many nations in the Middle East as approximately a third of adults are now obese and diabetes and other weight-related diseases are becoming serious public health issues. The diabetes epidemic is largely focused on massively increased rates of obesity in the region. Obesity when left unchallenged, leads to pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome. Either of these conditions, if not swiftly acted against, can lead to the development of full-blown Type 2 diabetes. The diabetes epidemic occurs at different rates throughout the world, with the condition changing in some countries from a minor to a fundamental problem in a matter of years,” commented Dr. B.R. Shetty, Chairman & Managing Director, Neopharma.

World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts that diabetes will become the seventh major cause of death around the world by 2030. Furthermore, according to WHO, nearly 422 million people are diabetic worldwide. This figure is expected to spiral to 642 million by 2040. In the region, 35.4 million suffer from diabetes and by 2040, the number is estimated to surge to 72.1 million.

Neopharma’s factory in Japan has started the production to meet the ever-growing needs of the Type 2 diabetes patients in the GCC region and across the globe. Neopharma will be distributing the product worldwide. Clinical studies for NatuALA is being conducted across USA, Japan, UK and Bahrain.

The supplement decreases glucose levels by insulin-independent method and keeps fasting glucose levels under check. The product has 60 patents over 35 countries worldwide. Easily scalable fermentation process is used to develop this dietary supplementary product.

5-ALA is an amino acid created in mitochondria, known as the powerhouse of the cell. It is an important substance that serves as a functional molecule related to energy production, and its productivity is known to decrease with age. It is also known as a material forming chloroplasts in plants.