Success Story of Neopharma in EHSMS published in the ADEHS Newsletter

Success Story of Neopharma in EHSMS published in the ADEHS Newsletter

Industrial Sector… industrial facilities commitment to EHSMS

Neopharma, a pharmaceutical manufacturer having its facility located in ICAD-1, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi was established in 2003. The factory follows global benchmarks in manufacturing technology that include modern hi-tech automation and control mechanisms.

Neopharma was certified against international standards relevant to EHS in 2008. When approached by the Industrial Sector Regulatory Authority (ZonesCorp) for registration to the Abu Dhabi EHS Management System, Neopharma accepted the initiative and worked towards the achievement of the objectives in partnership with the SRA.

Neopharma’s key objective of the EHS program is to improve compliance to applicable EHS regulations and thus reduce and eliminate EHS incidents and losses. Neopharma strives to be the best performing industrial entity in the region by demonstrating excellent and sustainable performance in Environment, Health and Safety Management.

Neopharma EHSMS was approved by the industrial sector regulatory authority in November 2010. The awareness seminars conducted on regular basis benefited Neopharma in improving the EHS System in areas such as Risk Register, Legal Register and EHS performance monitoring and reporting.

Successful implementation of integrated EHSMS has several benefits, among which are:

Ability to identify any failures and solve problems quickly has reduced the safety breakdown time thereby increasing productivity

• Improvement in overall employee health and attendance
• High standard of safe working
• EHSMS has helped value success. Everyone including operators, maintenance technicians, managers and staff value safety and embrace it daily.
• Safety standards, technology innovations, and thorough risk management techniques now make it possible to develop a more proactive approach to health and safety in the work place.
• No non-compliance issued during the independent 3rd party annual EHSMS audit and inspection done by approved auditor in December 2011. In March 2012, Neopharma received a letter of appreciation from Industrial SRA (ZonesCorp) commending the high EHS standards and performance in the facility and its compliance to the approved EHSMS.