Address by MD & CEO at NYUD Conference

Address by MD & CEO at NYUD Conference

It gives me immense pleasure to talk about a subject that has today become an important part of our daily life. Yes I am talking about Technology. This phenomenon has revolutionised not just individual lives, but has also affected world economies, positively.

Success, Compliance and the Golden Triangle

For any thing to succeed, three entities– Academic Institutions, Business World and Government – must join forces. Only when this ‘Golden Triangle’ is formed perfectly, will a nation be propelled on the path to progress. This conference, with representatives from all the three entities, participating, is a step in the right direction.

Technology, to flourish, requires strong support from the Golden Triangle. Only then can more innovation happen in its realm. As technology progresses, compliance too needs to strengthen. Interestingly, the implementing regulatory authorities, across the world, will need the help from technology again, to address the challenges, which its own progress had presented

This requires high-end research, with sound capital investment, guided aptly by the governing entities. So once again it is the Golden Triangle of Knowledge Institutions, Government and Business World, that can make it possible. So such conferences create the right environment for healthy debate to arrive at optimum solutions.

Technology and its role in Africa

Today, all compasses are pointing towards Africa, thanks to the potential it promises. While the business world is inching towards Africa with a hope to explore its true potential, technology has already arrived there. The African society, which faces different kinds of challenges, has seen hope in technology. Apart from adding convenience to life, technology can make things safer and cost effective. The growth of mobile money transfers, across Africa, is the proof for it.

UAE Exchange too is keen to support the growth of Africa. A techno-savvy brand, UAE Exchange shall be more than happy in being instrumental in boosting up the economy. We are already doing our bit in close to 30 countries. We are keen in exploring opportunities and contributing our share to the development of Africa.

Thanks to NYU and UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade

Thanks to the UAE Ministry for Foreign Trade Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, UAE Minister for Foreign Trade and the New York University, Abu Dhabi – Dr. Al Bloom, Vice Chancellor, NYU Abu Dhabi for organising this conference. We acknowledge with wholehearted thanks the support of NYU to UAE Exchange in collaborating with us for this venture and introducing such unique methodologies for development.

I am sure, if used in the right direction, technology can make life extremely easy and help each one of us to contribute to the world economy by many folds, more than what we are currently able to do.

Thank you very much