Neopharma starts exports to Yemen

Neopharma starts exports to Yemen

Abu Dhabi’s premier pharmaceutical company Neopharma has expanded its sales operations by exporting to Yemen.

The export of the first consignment to Yemen reflects the company’s planned thrust on establishing newer territories. Neopharma’s foray into Yemen will witness the implementation of marketing activities aimed at generating prescription business for its branded generics.

The first set of products to leave for Yemen include two of its popular brands – Neoday, a brand of antiallergic drug and Neomol, a brand of paracetamol. Besides, the company will also be introducing Neopril that is used for reducing elevated blood pressure and Neoxicam, a drug for the management of arthritis.

In a fiercely competitive pharmaceutical market such as Yemen, the company is planning a dual strategy of registering products in quick succession, which it considers as a competitive advantage and follow through with step-by-step brand building exercises.

On the domestic front, the company has had a solid start with many of its brands featuring in the top selling new products introduced in UAE market.