Neopharma receives European GMP certificate

Neopharma receives European GMP certificate

Following closely on the GCC company registration certificate, Neopharma has crossed another important milestone towards its vision to be a global pharmaceutical player.

The Neopharma manufacturing facility based at Abu Dhabi has received the Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate from the Belgium Directorate General for Medicinal Products.

Accordingly, the company now complies with current European Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. This lends tremendous significance to Neopharma’s planned global foray. To begin with, the opportunity now opens for manufacturing products for the Belgium market and later on to the other European countries as well.

For Neopharma, what began as a local inspiration, has translated in a short span of time into a global aspiration. This global venture comes at the right time when the company is firming up market shares in the local market and getting set to launch blockbuster generic molecules.

This month, the company is all set to widen its portfolio with the introduction of three more products. Strengthening the cardiovascular therapy will be the launch of Neosorbide, which contains Isosorbide 5-mononitrate, a drug used for angina. Neopharma is also making a foray in the Oral Rehydration Salts market with the introduction of Neolyte.